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Bird Walks in Valley Forge

Tuesday, September 8 7:30 am 1.5 mile walk, 2 hrs (approx.)
Bird Walks in VF

Join Mary Ellen and Tom Heisey, avid local birders and members of the Friends for a fascinating and fun bird walk on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Walk is intended for birders of all levels, so feel free to attend, even if you have never been on a bird walk. No worries if you do not have binoculars. Walk, enjoy the outdoors and learn to identify birds by ear.

During this 2 hour walk, you will hear or see about 30 species in 3 habitats of meadow, edge and woods. In July, all of the Neotropical migrants are here for the summer. Some of the most popular sightings include the Baltimore Oriole, Orchard Oriole, Eastern Kingbird, Indigo Bunting and Scarlet Tanager to mention a few.

Walk: Mostly paved trail but includes sections of short gravel and mowed grass. Good walking shoes recommended.

What to Bring: Binoculars and a hat. Bug spray and sun protection optional.

Where to Meet: Artillery Park Parking lot on East Inner Line Drive at 7:30 am. Near-by restrooms and water fountain available (May through September).

JULY HIGHLIGHTS: Participants heard or saw 34 different bird species on each walk. Some unusual sightings included a close-up view of a Coopers Hawk on a branch, a low flying Kingfisher, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and some marvelous Monarchs and Eastern Tiger Swallowtails butterflies “puddling” in the meadows. Puddling is a term used to describe butterflies on moist substances such as rotting plant matter, mud and carrion, sucking up the fluid to obtain nutrients such as salts and amino acids.

Valley Forge Family Day

Friday, September 26 2–5 pm Various Park Locations Free Event
Family Day events

Join us at the conclusion of the week-long World Meeting of Families and enjoy an educational afternoon of historical reenactments, hands-on learning activities, colonial games and music.

Activities include:

  • Soldier life demonstrations, musket drills and fire a salute to the Continental Soldiers at Muhlenberg Brigade.
  • Storytelling about the tales of patriots, pirates, heroes and spies and family-fun opportunities to join General Washington’s spy network!
  • Interactive stations to learn all about the ecology and biodiversity of the park, history and more!
  • Trolley tours will be available for a fee. Enjoy a 90-minute guided tour of historic sites throughout the park. Reserve tickets are available by calling 610-783-1074 or in The Encampment Store.